Chinese imitations of the BMW GS, total chutzpah


The most popular trail in recent years, and almost decades, is the BMW R 1250 GS and its predecessors. That is why there have been many brands that have tried and match and improve it. Both her and her little sisters. But, what about those that are only inspired by their forms? Can they become a plagiarism? And of course, when we think about it, basically Chinese imitations of the BMW GS come to mind.

Wind GS 525

They are motorcycles that are mostly sold in Asia, but some of them have also reached Europe. There are copies of Japanese and European motorcycles, but lately the subject is quite cheeky. And an example is the aforementioned BMW GS.

Thus, we can find a motorcycle called Vinto GS 525, in which its manufacturers no longer cut a hair and have called it with the same initials.

KL 500X Raticose

Another is the Macbor Montana XR5, Colove Raticosa 500 X, or KL 500X Raticosa. All three are basically the same bike, a miniature carbon copy of the GS. It can be seen in the form of the “duckbill” with its uprights or the side panels of the body. It is a motorcycle whose resemblance goes beyond a simple coincidence. This one, at least, has another name, but the Vinto clearly violates the rights of the GS nomenclature, and could hardly be sold here.

Benelli TRK 502X

Even when the Benelli TRK 502 came on the market, there were some voices that accused the Italian brand (of Chinese ownership) of plagiarizing the GS. However, in his case the similarities are clearly less than those of the aforementioned examples.

In short, the Chinese imitations of the BMW GS and other established models continue in a sum and continues, without it seeming that the original brands care too much. Will they take it as a compliment? Free advertising? It could also be…

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