Honda Gold Wing “made in China”


In view of the photos filtered and published by different media outlets in the Asian country, it seems that someone is trying to imitate the Ala grand tourer. A Honda Gold Wing “made in China”, which would be being developed by the young company Great Wall Motor Company.

The Honda GL1800 Gold Wing is a standard in terms of comfort, safety and luxury when traveling. A motorcycle that is at the technological forefront.

The motorcycle that we can observe, even naked, does not seem to be going to reach such heights. But of course if it has something, it is an 8-cylinder engine and a boxer configuration. The displacement, in view of its dimensions, could exceed 2,000 cc. It also has a chassis that is somewhat similar to that of the Japanese motorcycle. And to top it off, the transmission is by cardan. All this exuding a certainly rudimentary aspect, at least, in view of the photographs.

It can be seen from the fastenings of the different components that the prototype is in an embryonic state, and it would be necessary to see it with the complete bodywork to know if it is a copy in the purest Chinese style of the Gold Wing or if they are going to implement a certain personality of their own.

Obviously we lack any information about this motorcycle. We can’t even specify if it’s a grand tourer, or a cruiser in the style of the Honda Gold Wing F6C… Or both.

What is clear is that Great Wall Motor Company will have to do a good job if it wants to build a “made in China” Honda Gold Wing with a modicum of dynamic qualities and distinctive flair.

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