Does Chrome look bad in a virtual machine? disable this option


Over the years our favorite internet browser has become one of the essential programs on the computer. For applications such as Firefox, Chrome, or Edge, we ask that they work as smoothly, reliably, and securely as possible. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

There are a huge number of titles available and they refer to this specific software sector. But there is no doubt that Google Chrome is the undisputed leader and by far. It is a program that has been gaining the trust of many millions of users around the world over time. All this despite the criticism and complaints that many of these constantly present and make public.

Usually download and install chrome from its official website to use it locally on our PC. We do something similar if we are going to use it on mobile devices. But with everything and with it in these lines we are going to focus on a somewhat peculiar way of using the browser. Specifically, we refer to the fact that the loading and use of operating systems and their applications in virtual machines is becoming more and more common.

However, on certain occasions we can find, unexpectedly, that Chrome does not display the contents well when using it in a virtual machine. This is something that will catch our attention right away if we are used to using the program normally. In addition, this display error must be taken into account that it can affect all types of content and web pages in the browser.

Fix poor display of Chrome in a virtual machine

It goes without saying that this can be quite annoying if we use the application in programs like VirtualBox or VMWare, for example. However, in most cases we will be able to solve it quite easily. All this thanks to a small change that we can carry either in the virtualization program, or in the browser itself.

The first thing we need to know is that to avoid these errors in which Google Chrome looks bad when virtualizing it, we can make a change in the virtualization program. Specifically, we are referring to deactivating 3D acceleration in this type of application. For example, if we use VirtualBox, which is one of the most common, initially we only have to access the configuration of the virtual machine in which we use Chrome. Next, we are in the Screen section where we can already deactivate this function that we are commenting on.

3d virtualbox chrome

On many occasions this simple change solves the problem with the display of the mentioned program. But if we see that this is not the case, we can try a change in the configuration of Google Chrome itself. To achieve this that we tell you, the first thing we do is open the program and also go to its configuration screen. Specifically, we must locate the section called System.

This is where we are going to find the functionality that we must deactivate to solve the fault. We refer to unchecking the hardware acceleration selector that we find on the right side of the interface. If the first method we have described did not work, this should solve the display failure.

chrome acceleration

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