Forget Ubuntu: This new Linux is better and wants to kill it


If you are looking for a Linux distribution that offers you everything you need for your day-to-day with your PC, you have several very interesting alternatives at your fingertips. Now we are going to talk about a new release that will make you forget others as popular as Ubuntu.

Specifically, below we want to focus on the new Linux Mint 21, it is a long-term support version that will offer updates until 2027. Assuming that this version will be the basis for subsequent ones until 2024, releases are expected timely with easy to carry out updates. As of that year, the distribution is expected to change base to Linux Mint 22, but version 21 will continue to receive support until 2027.

To begin with, we will tell you that this new entry Linux release has the Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce desktops. As you may have already imagined, this new revision replaces Linux Mint 20 that was released in June 2020. In addition, and how could it be otherwise, the distribution that we are showing you right now comes full of new features, updated software and improvements . In this way, all those who want to try and enjoy it already have the corresponding ones available. ISO images.

In addition, and thanks to everything that this new Linux Mint 21 presents us, some users may seriously consider migrating from other alternative Linux distributions such as the popular Ubuntu. It is evident that this new version of the distro includes many changes and improvements that we will talk about next.

This is all that Linux Mint 21 offers you

linux mint 21

  • Blueman: program for everything related to Bluetooth. It offers better connectivity and options including more information and command line support.

  • Timeshift: Linux Mint backup program with powerful new features. We will know the necessary and available space at all times, among other parameters.

  • Xapp-thumbnailers – Application that adds thumbnail support to several new file types.
  • Sticky Notes: Now supports the duplication of notes in the operating system.
  • More formats supported: the new version supports new archive files. Here we find WebP, or thumbnails for ePub, MP3, RAW and AppImage.
  • Processor Monitor: This is responsible for monitoring the system for automatic and instant system updates. When detected, it shows an icon in the system tray to inform users.
  • Improvements in XApps like Timeshift, Xviewer, Thumbnailers, Warpinator or Thingy.
  • We have a web application manager with support for more browsers and custom parameters.
  • Printing and scanning improvements: Linux Mint 21 uses IPP driverless printing and scanning.
  • Better error protection: now when we uninstall a package, its dependencies are checked, and if there are associations, it is blocked.
  • Improvements in the sources, list of repositories, PPA list and keys.
  • Cinnamon’s Muffin window manager is now based on Mutter 3.36. The Linux Mint development team wants to secure the Muffin and Mutter code bases so that they stay as close as possible in the future.

All this and much more is very possible that will encourage you to try the new Linux Mint 21, whether you come from previous versions or from other distributions.

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