Google revitalizes one of the most historic Android applications thanks to AI


Artificial Intelligence is allowing manufacturers to incorporate new functions to some of the applications that have always been on our mobile device and that, due to the very nature of the app, have not incorporated notable new features for a long time. The last of them is Google Keep, which is going to receive an important new feature. We tell you all the details.

Over the last few months, we have seen how many manufacturers have made use of the Artificial intelligence to incorporate important new features in applications with which we have interacted for years in our daily lives. One of the last to do so has been Google Keep, which will now be able to use Gemini, its Artificial Intelligence model, to enrich the operation of the native notes app for Android users.

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List creation

Like many of the latest news that Google has recently presented, in this case Google Keep will take advantage of the benefits of generative Artificial Intelligence to, through Gemini, offer new possibilities to its users. Google would be exploring the possibility of incorporating a new function, named “Help me create a list”, that will allow us to create all types of lists in Google Keep without having to dedicate a large amount of time to its creation, as reported by 9to5Google.

Once button appears in the bottom corner right of the application, we will only have to interact with it and a wide variety of proposals will appear that we can select. For example, we may request that you create for us a packing list that we should take for our next trip, a list of products that we will have to buy to do a deep cleaning of our home or know which thematic movies we should watch to be able to have a good marathon on any specific topic.

If the recommendations it offers us adapt to our needs, we should only click on the “Insert” button which will also appear in the lower right corner. In addition, it will also offer us the option to add all the recommendations from Google and, later, complete the list with our own contributions.

Mobile devices

Until now, the most of the news that Google had been presenting related to the Gemini incorporation to the company’s current ecosystem of apps focused mainly on their web versions. In the case of Google Keep, this is the second time that the American company focuses on mobile environments to add new functionalities through AI, after having recently presented a writing assistance option in Gmail, also available for mobile devices.

Google continues to take steps, therefore, to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in a growing number of options. After a first landing in web environments, it is also progressively adding improvements to the mobile ecosystem, incorporating new and powerful improvements for the enjoyment of all its users.

It should also be noted that it is advisable to avoid entering sensitive information in Google Keep or any other Google tool that incorporates Artificial Intelligence. Google warns in its Privacy Policy that any information we enter into your Artificial Intelligence may end up being read by a human with the aim of improving the functioning of your language model, so the best we can do is avoid this type of behavior.

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