How to know the characteristics or specifications of my PC

How to know the characteristics or specifications of my PC

We have always had the great concern of knowing what the memory capacity of my computer will be, or the type of processor. And we have even thought that to know that, we must resort to a computer technician. But the truth is, you don’t have to be a computer expert to access this information, so we’re going to show you how to find out the features or specifications of my PC.

We are going to teach you the simple steps to carry out so that you always have this information at hand, which is of great importance to know.

There are many reasons that can motivate us to know these technical specifications. Especially if it has started to have slow performance, due to an installed program that was not supported by your computer.

It is also useful if you want to change equipment for one with higher performance and memory capacity, but for this you must know the characteristics or specifications of your PC.

So that it does not happen to you, that you can buy equipment similar to yours or inferior. Some computers have these specifications attached to it, but if it doesn’t, don’t worry, we’ll show you right away.

How to know the characteristics or specifications of my PC

We are going to show you three ways or methods that you can apply to know the specifications or characteristics of your PC in a simple way.

The first way or method that we are going to apply is extremely easy, you just have to go to My Computer and being on it you must right-click, then a window with several options will be displayed and you must choose Properties.

By doing this, a window will appear where you will find all the technical specifications that your equipment has. Among these characteristics are, the operating system, the processor, the RAM memory. You will also find the type of system, if it is 32 or 64 bits, etc. In short, you will find all the general information you need.

This is the first way to know the characteristics or specifications of your PC, the second way is the following. We’re going to apply the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, this is a Windows application, which we can open like this. You’re going to go to the menu and you’re going to open up a Run window and you’re going to type the words or the command dxdiag and then you’re going to click OK.

A window will appear with detailed information on the characteristics or specifications of the system, you will find several tabs, each with important data on your equipment. You will also find information regarding the graphics card to the sound devices, about the drivers that are installed.

You will also find information about the screen and the different peripheral equipment that is connected to the computer. With this method, you will find a deeper information about all the components installed on the PC. It is generally where technicians look for information when making their diagnoses and evaluations.

Know features using a program

You can go through all the tabs and thus have a broader knowledge of your computer. The third and last way to know the characteristics or specifications of my PC is through the use of Piriform. To do this we place it in the browser and search, when we find it we select the main page of CCleaner.

It will take us to its main page, you can see that it is the well-known PC cleaner and in the main menu that appears at the top of the screen. You are going to position yourself on Download, different options appear but you are going to select, Download Speccy, clicking on it and then you must press Download in the free version.

program features

The download will be done on your computer, save it and then install it, this will be done very quickly, when you open the program you will realize that it is in English. You can change the language, if you go to the view tab, click and a window appears there you will select Options by clicking and then you can choose Spanish and Accept.

Now you have the characteristics or specifications of your PC in Spanish and you can see that it is much more detailed and specific than the method that we applied previously.

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