How to uninstall Facebook from my mobile if it doesn’t allow me? – Useful tricks


Facebook, since its creation in 2004, has become the most popular social network of the moment. According to their own sources they have reached two million active advertisers and are ranked 76th among the largest in the world.

It is estimated that Facebook has almost three million users and is ranked number 7 among the most visited sites. And surely you are one of those users who have this social network installed on your mobile. But it can happen that sometimes Facebook does not load and you cannot access it from your cell phone. Do not be discouraged and restart your computer and you will surely be able to see all the news of your application. Make sure that it appears activated and that it is not running in the background.

What is the procedure you must follow to uninstall Facebook?

Sometimes certain applications take up space on your mobile that makes it slower and does not allow its optimal performance. Other times you want to install a new application and the space of your mobile is insufficient.

remove facebook effectively from mobile

It is time then to do a cleanup to free up space. You can then proceed to uninstall some applications that you do not need. In the case of Facebook, simply follow the steps below:

  1. For your Android go to the “settings” option and click on the application manager
  2. Click on Facebook and then on “uninstall”
  3. To reinstall it you must download it from the Google Play Store
  4. From your iPhone or iPad you must press and hold the application icon
  5. Tap the “x” and tap delete to confirm.
  6. To reinstall it download it from the iTunes App Store

Why sometimes your mobile does not let you uninstall applications like Facebook?

If when executing the procedures for uninstalling the Facebook application and in the applications option the uninstall option does not appear and only the “force close” or “deactivate” option, it is because it comes pre-installed on your mobile. Also make sure you have Facebook silent mode disabled. You could be receiving important notifications for the operation of the application.

permanently removing facebook from mobile

Pre-installation in the system

When the Facebook application appears by default on your mobile, the option “deactivate” or “force close” is not enough for its definitive uninstallation. Even taking these actions, the Facebook application will continue to occupy the space you need.

Denial of permits

When you install or log in to the Facebook home page, you are asked to grant certain permissions. It is your decision to allow them, since some users are uncomfortable knowing that they are sharing certain types of information. Generally, the application works without these permissions, but sometimes it explains the reason for the request. You can go ahead regardless of the explanation or look for it on your own.

Running application

There are times when certain apps appear to be running in the background. This happens very often with Facebook and with Messenger when only the application has been deactivated. To prevent data from being sent and collected, follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap on apps and notifications
  3. Select notifications
  4. In the menu choose “show systems”
  5. Tap on the app and disable the “allow notifications” option

What can you do if your cell phone does not allow you to uninstall Facebook from your system?

This usually happens when the Facebook application is default on your mobile. If when you enter settings you only see the option “force close or “deactivate” you will not be able to uninstall it. What you should do then is that before deactivating the application you should uninstall the updates. This will change Facebook to the original pre-installed version that does not take up any storage space.

rooting facebook to remove it

Deactivate the App

An option to prevent Facebook from consuming a lot of battery is through its deactivation. You can do it from the “settings” window or also from the main Facebook page. Here we offer you the steps to follow to temporarily deactivate your account or delete it completely:

  1. Tap your profile picture in the top left
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click on account ownership and control
  4. Click on deactivation and removal and select one of them

Use a root to delete it

Another option to completely delete Facebook from your mobile is through a root. There are several applications such as Root App Delete, Splend App Uninstaller or Root Unistaller that can be useful to perform this action. We recommend the Root Unistaller app.

With this application you will not only be able to erase all traces of Facebook from the system, but you will also be able to do it with any other application. Follow the steps below to completely erase all traces of Facebook. Simply, after installing Root Uninstaller and granting the relevant permissions, go to settings and press uninstall updates and then uninstall on Facebook.

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