How to update a theme manually in WordPress without losing anything

How to update a theme manually in WordPress without losing anything

Within this post we want to help you discover the best way in which you can carry out the WordPress update process simply and quickly, since it is an elementary action in order to maintain optimal performance of our pages at all times.

It is quite possible that this action of updating your WordPress page can be a simple and quite simple task, however, it has some situations which can confuse or frustrate you.

For this reason, this post wants to make your life much simpler so that you can carry out the update process easily and quickly, in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the page that we create on this platform.

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How to update WordPress step by step?

To begin with, we must make a backup copy, in order to protect all our information in case something goes wrong, in this way we will be saving important information, which will help us to solve any problem that is of a magnitude greater than that the we can way

Once this part is ready, we must review the updates and that there is no such as core or nucleus, which is pending.

Get Started With Updating WordPress Nibs

One of the main recommendations by experts in the field is to start with the update of nibs and themes, and then proceed to update WordPress to its latest version.

The reason for this is quite simple: it is possible that the nibs with which we have been working are not quite ready to be able to work with the new version that is available, for this reason, it is essential that this step be done as priority.

Likewise, it is recommended that we make sure that we have all the nibs updated to their latest version, in order to guarantee their compatibility with the new version that we are about to install WordPress.

Start with updating WordPress themes and templates

After carrying out the previous step, it is recommended that you begin to update the themes that you have been using, especially the parent themes, with which we are basing our work or that, failing that, we have previously installed on our website.

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Proceed with WordPress core update

The core, better known as the kernel within WordPress, is also known as the version of the CMS itself within our installation.

When you proceed to update WordPress to its latest version, it converges in an immense step which will help you to correct any type of problem in which its security and likewise, you would be choosing to have new functionalities. which are included in the new versions.

Finally, proceed to check the optimal operation of all

It is recommended that once an update has been made within WordPress, we proceed to fully check if the elements within our website are working correctly and optimally.

It must be verified that the operation is successful in different sections such as entries, web forms, comments, user registration, etc.

It becomes essential that it also be verified that at a visual level, there is a functioning of all those elements that you have integrated into the screen and that likewise, everything is seen correctly, so as not to lose sight of the objective and that it arrives to exist some fault within it, that comes to affect us in a significant way.

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