How to use and connect a USB flash drive on my Android mobile

How to use and connect a USB flash drive on my Android mobile

Today we are going to see how to use and connect a USB flash drive on my Android mobile in this way you can transfer files to your device or copy the ones you have on it to generate a backup or transfer these files to a computer among other very interesting things .

What we are going to do is use an OTG cable. These cables work not only to connect a flash drive to our phone. If not, they also allow us to connect our device with almost anything that has a USB connection.

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How to connect USB on my Android phone

Before having to buy the cable, you need to check if your device is compatible with OTG. For this there are applications that allow us to corroborate it. The problem is that, if you don’t use these apps, it is generally not specified in the characteristics of the mobile when we buy it.

That is why it is important that you download either of these two options: USB OTG Checker or OTG USB HOST Checker. Either of these two options will help you to check if your device is compatible with OTG.

The only problem is that even these apps have a range of failure. The way to be completely sure is to get a cable and try it out. What we do have to make clear is that it is very likely that phones that are quite old will not be compatible.

Such USB OTG support was introduced in Android Honeycomb so newer phones may have support.

After this we are going to need the USB OTG cable. What kind of cable is this? Basically it is a cable that has a USB type C connector at one end and a microUSB at the other, which would be connected to the phone while the first one can go to a computer, SmartTV, Pendrive, etc.

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How to use a USB flash drive on my Android

Once you have the cable and you are sure that your device is compatible with it. The only thing left to do is simply connect it to the phone and from the USB type C connector connect the flash drive.

A notification may appear on your mobile device informing you that a storage drive has been connected via USB. In this way you will be able to copy all the files you want to the flash drive or vice versa.

Another thing that would be recommended is that you have a high-quality file explorer to be able to browse all the files on your cell phone. For this we recommend the ES File Explorer application which is quite complete in every way.

Something that we must mention is that the USB OTG connection can consume a large amount of battery, so we recommend that you connect it, use the prudent time and then disconnect, do not leave it connected if you are not going to do anything because you will see how the battery starts to go down pretty fast.

Another recommended thing is that you unmount the flash drive and do not disconnect it from one. Because this can corrupt all the files that are in it and you will lose this information unless you have a backup of it.

For this you will have to go to the notification that appears at the top of your device or from Settings> Storage and you will be able to see the USB drive that you connected. From here you can unmount it and once the operating system confirms you can safely disconnect it from your device.

As we mentioned a little above, with a USB OTG cable you can connect your device not only to a USB flash drive, but also to a SmartTV, connect a controller, keyboard, mouse, etc. Just as you can connect it to your Android cell phone, it is also possible to connect a mouse or a USB memory to your Android tablet.

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