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Hyundai Staria, a five-meter diesel minivan that goes on sale from 52,990 euros


Hyundai Staria, a five-meter diesel minivan that goes on sale from 52,990 euros

The dashboard is committed to digital
Taillights with a lot of personality

What (almost) no one has

Counterflow. This is the arrival of the new Hyundai model. In this world of electrification and SUVs, the Koreans take a chance and launch just the opposite: a minivan that hides a diesel heart under the hood. Brave, of course, but knowing that there is a customer who needs space for passengers, whether they are children or adults, and that the offer is very scarce.

Only the Mercedes V-Class or the Volkswagen Multivan appear on the horizon of the rivals of the Hyundai Staria, which arrives at dealerships in Spain with a groundbreaking bodywork. The front, with the fine light signature, drew attention in photos, but seen live it makes an even bigger impact. The same goes for the rear light clusters, which extend over the entire tailgate.

hyundai staria frame

The dashboard is committed to digital

Spacious and digital inside

Of course, it is different… and big. Because it measures 5.25 meters long and is close to two meters wide, although its key figure is those 3.27 battles that allow you to enjoy a really spacious interior, where you can choose (depending on the finish) between configurations of 7 and 9 seats. All of them huge armchairs that benefit from the large glazed surface to further increase the feeling of space when travelling.

Perhaps it could improve in terms of modularity, because only the third row allows longitudinal displacement to play with more trunk or legroom depending on the needs of the trip. But, for example, it does not allow the seats to be removed or rotated to offer more configurations.

hyundai staria rear

Taillights with a lot of personality

If I liked, instead, the sliding electric opening of the side doors, which allows you to park in narrow spaces and be able to get out of the car without problems. More space behind the Staria is needed to open its huge tailgate and unload a boot whose capacity ranges (depending on configurations) between 117 and 1,303 litres.

The deep modern exterior image continues in a driving position featuring a very vertical steering wheel (smaller than usual in this segment) and two 10.25-inch templates. One serves as clock panels and the other crowns the center console to handle all the infotainment functions.

With three levels of finish and price in Spain

The center seat of the first row folds down and houses numerous holes and compartments in the backrest that make life on board easier for a driver who steers the Staria from a direction that hardens as necessary with speed.

On the motorway, maca comfort is the general trend, while the 177 hp 2.2 CRDI engine can handle the more than two tons that it declares in Básala without much effort… although consumption is very sensitive to the accelerator.

With Tecno, Maxx and Style trim levels (this is the most complete and equipped with four-wheel drive, the Hyundai Staria goes on sale from 52,990 euros. It has the usual five-year Hyundai warranty and its objective is to sell 300-400 units

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