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VIDEO: Lamborghini 63 Tecnomar, the sea also belongs to Lamborghini


The wild bull dominates not only on the road, but also at sea with this boat.

Lamborghini 63 Tecnomar, the sea also belongs to Lamborghini. And it is that not only on the road the wild bull dominates, in the sea it also does it with this boat. A few years ago, the two brands collaborated to create a limited edition of 63 pieces to celebrate the year Ferruccio founded the company. A gift of no less than 63 feet in length.

The 63 not only referred to the year, but also to the measures. 63 feet, or 20 total meters in length, with a width of 5.4 meters. The weight reached 24 tons, a project with which the brand approached the sea through, of course, high performance. This fast boat could take up to 12 passengers on board, a product that you could customize to your liking and that mounted certain elements of Lamborghini cars.

Then Tecnomar confirmed that it was the fastest boat in its range. This in terms of numbers put us at a top speed of 60 knots or 111 km/h, with a cruising pace of 40 knots or 75 km/h. She declared an autonomy that reached 210 nautical miles or 389 kilometers, and with this we could have up to 10 hours of navigation. All thanks to a 3,600 liter fuel tank.

Then it announced a consumption of its two MAN biturbo diesel engines of 4,000 CV, engines of no less than 24 liters of displacement. This means that the consumption was 360 liters / hour according to the calculations. “When it comes to capturing authentic beauty, all it takes is a change of perspective. Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 is a luxury speedboat, which will take you beyond land into another dimension of aquatic elegance”, says the brand in its video.

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