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Range Rover L460 D350 test: total enjoyment on the road… and in the field


Range Rover L460 D350 test: total enjoyment on the road… and in the field

As a diesel, the Range Rover L460 D350 is a pure 4×4 and also a stylish, tech-heavy companion on the road. We tested it

The Range Rover L460 D350 is much more than an SUV, it is a tremendously versatile car: efficient in offroad driving, comfortable as a large sedan and also does not consume too much. And it wraps it all with a velvet bow.

We affirm it in this test: No other XL SUV copes with the demands of everyday life, the stress of long-distance travel, the torture of the terrain and the terror of the city with such solidity and dignity as this giant Land Rover.


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Design: walnut, aluminum, aniline leather and XL lampshades

We take a seat and marvel: rich aniline leather, beautiful walnut wood, fine double stitching: at the same time, the two large screens “modernize” this traditionally elegant interior.

And it is that it is elegantly conceived and, above all, carefully assembled, without noise of any kind.

Also excellent: the driver can configure his variable display with classic round instruments. The main monitor in the center console accommodates most of the D350’s functions, but mind you, vehicle and multimedia setup options are hidden behind myriad digital tiles. Our unconditional recommendation here: Read the instructions for use carefully!

Another thing that we did not like very much is that Range Rover has mounted the screen too low; to press the icons in the right half, the driver must stretch out of their seatback.

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The comfort comes from the seats. Even if the adjustment (partly via the menu) is unnecessarily complicated, one can hardly enthrone one more comfortably.

Large seats with softly padded top covers and a precision-manufactured base provide excellent support without being too tight. This also applies to the second row outboard seats. Attention: despite the automatic lowering of the ride height, you have to stretch quite a bit to get into the car.

Range Rover seats

The camera system: spectacular

In return, the driver enjoys an unexpectedly carefree overview, aiming at the traffic situation above the angular, almost horizontal bonnet.

A spectacular camera system also helps to maneuver the ship, which is more than five meters long, even in the smallest gaps.

Range Rover Cockpit

Range Rover locates towbars just as reliably via video support and optionally assists with maneuvering by using the center console’s rotary control to drive as a remote control – hugely useful fun.

Behavior of the Range Rover L460 D350

All driving aids are equally well thought out. The technology supports both off-road excursions (eg by correcting the height of the air suspension or controlling the water depth when wading, 90 centimeters are possible here) and dynamic manoeuvres.

ESP is precise, roll stabilization keeps the castle nearly upright even in this test’s storm of fast-driven alternate turns, traction is tenaciously provided by a chassis supported by active differentials throughout.

Range Rover Nose

Of course, the 350 also knows how to accelerate, and how: the 700 Nm of torque from the twin-turbo diesel V6 has hardly any trouble getting this hunk up to speed despite a curb weight of over 2.7 tonnes.

And always reassuringly and effortlessly. Much of that confident handling oozes from the D350 HSE’s suspension. The Range filters out all kinds of irregularities without breaking a sweat.

The engine is never too noisy when accelerating, its automatic gearbox orders the gears with unwavering calm, the feel of the steering – when driving slowly lighter, at high speed noticeably harder – despite the little sensitivity, fits perfectly with the big SUV.

Range Rover side

The somewhat soft feeling of the brake pedal also falls into this category. Everything flows, everything runs smoothly, it has a relaxation that combines with a certain dynamism.

The powertrain and chassis are under layers and layers of insulation, nothing tilts or shifts awkwardly during operation. Even the cup holder in the center console holds the cans via three small rubber air cushions, keeping them upright without play or rattle.

Range Rover display

Bottom line: This car looks after passengers and a can of Pepsi just as prudently.

Finally, a peculiarity: the folding mechanism of the rear seats. Powered electrically, it should lay flat, and it doesn’t quite. Also, the mechanism runs unexpectedly slow and transmits a lot of mechanical effort. But it’s a venial sin: the Range Rover couldn’t be that perfect.


The best

Behavior, luxury, technology, consumption, power


High price, but that is acceptable in a car like this

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