What happened to Megadede? The platform to watch series and movies for free


One of the most popular streaming video platforms in the second decade of the 2000s was SeriesLy, a website that was in operation from 2009 to 2014, just before the approval of the 2015 Intellectual Property Law, a law created specifically to close Websites link to content protected by copyright.

Like SeriesLy, many other similar websites followed the same path and for a time the number of websites with access to this type of content was considerably reduced. When everything seemed to indicate, due to the new Intellectual Property Law approved in 2015, it had meant the end of audiovisual content piracy through the Internet, Megadede arrived on the market.

birth of megadede

The Megadede story begins with Pordede. Pordede a website that was born with the aim of offering completely free access to a wide catalog of series and movies completely free of charge for users who could not pay a monthly subscription. Little by little it grew and, after a few years, it changed its name to Plusdede, a website that followed the same philosophy and allowed us to access, also for free, all kinds of content, both to view it and to download it.

Megadede was the third venture from the same group of people who founded Pordede and it was, of the three, the most successful in the market. To access the web, it was necessary to create a user account, an account that we could create completely free of charge. Through this platform, we not only had access to all kinds of movie series that could be downloaded or streamed, but it also allowed users to keep track of all the content they were watching or had pending. watch.


Like other similar platforms, most of the content available on this platform came from users who selflessly collaborated with the platform. Anyone could send the links so that, once they were reviewed, they would be on the devices of all the users, users who, in turn, could collaborate with the maintenance of the web by informing about the links that were down, that gave problems or that had directly stopped working.

closure announcement

After several years of name changes, at the end of 2020, Megadede announced, a week in advance, that the platform would stop working. Both Pordede and Plusdede and later Megadede, despite offering content in both Spanish from Spain and Spanish from Latin America, were managed from South America and the United States.

The reason for the closure is not entirely clear, but during the months prior to the closure, the website had many access problems due to problems with the servers that host it and there were many days during which it was not possible to access it in any way. . In the end, it seems that those responsible decided to definitively abandon the project, although we repeat, the reason for its closure was not announced, either due to pressure from entities that protected copyrights, from the South American authorities or if, according to other sources, it was due to the lack of interest of its creators.

Closing Megadede

Currently we can find a large number of websites that take advantage of the Medadede name as a domain in order to attract users who are still hoping that this website will be available again, as is the case with most sites. web that at the time enjoyed enormous popularity on the Internet.

None of all the websites that currently take advantage of the Megadede domain offer us access to the same type of content that was offered by both the original and the successive versions that came later from the same creators such as Pordede and Plusdede. Some invite us to download an application available for Android, an application that, by the way, is no longer available in the Play Store. Others offer content that hasn’t been updated for several years and the links have stopped working.

If we do not want our Android device to be filled with viruses and malware, it is not recommended to install any of these applications, even if they are available in the Play Store, since they can download malicious software to our devices. If we try to access it from a PC, it is also possible that we will end up with any type of software that is downloaded to our computer and end up being a sink for viruses.


After the closure of Megadede, the only option currently to view and download content protected by copyright completely free of charge is through the Cuevana website, a platform that has been operating for many years from Latin America and where all content is available on Latin Spanish. And, for now, it seems that he has a long way to go.

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