WhatsApp will add a function that will make life much easier for its users


WhatsApp is one of the applications that is periodically renewed to offer the best possible experience to its users. And it is no wonder, since it is crowned as the most used messaging tool worldwide and, therefore, is committed to continuing to increase its possibilities and provide more interaction options. One of its latest additions is already being tested in its beta program and is on its way to becoming a very practical function for chats.

Among all the applications that we have installed on our smartphones, WhatsApp is one that should not be missing if we want to communicate with our friends and loved ones. In fact, there are already mobile phones that we buy and they have it pre-installed as standard in their storage, so there is no need to download it. Thus, its developers are committed to bringing innovative functions that are an incentive for all users who use this app as their main means of communication.

Now, the Meta tool goes one step further and wanted to implement a novelty that was announced a few months ago, but there were still some aspects to be polished. It is nothing more nor less than projecting a preview of the messages posted in the chats to see what they are about and make life much easier for its users. Below, we tell you all the details.

Pinned messages on WhatsApp: What are they?

In case you didn’t know, WhatsApp has an operational option to set the messages you want. Of course, you can only post one message per chat. Pinned messages are those elements that you mark as important so that they are retained at the top of the screen, specifically below the profile photo, contact name or group description. In this way, this shortcut’s main objective is to redirect to that annotation among the infinite messages that are written in the chat with just one click.

Until now, you can pin any text, survey or photo that you consider noteworthy. Its operation is very simple, since you will only have to press and hold one of these messages and in the menu button represented with three vertical dots you will have to select Set. The only drawback is that the message will be set for a limited time, choosing between 7 days, 24 hours or 30 days, so at the moment there is no option to set it permanently.

Preview of pinned messages

Now that we know how pinned messages work, the members of the WhatsApp beta program for Android version are participating in the integration of the new mode known as pinned message preview. Of course, this addition is aimed at multimedia content, so if you pin an image or video, a thumbnail of it can be seen in the “Photo” pinned message.

WhatsApp pinned messages

Thus, users will be able to immediately recognize the content they have pinned in chats, both individual and group, without having to select the message to redirect them to that specific image. Without a doubt, it is an improvement for interaction and accessibility in conversations.

At the moment, as we have said in this section, the new update is only available to a privileged few, so we will have to wait for its launch to become official and to be able to freely reach the Google Play Store application store. .

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