Chrome has two new extensions that you should install without hesitation


The latest changes introduced by Google have not convinced all users and two developers have launched extensions for Chrome that, almost instantly, have become a success that is difficult to stop. They accumulate more and more downloads and it would not be strange for you to also join the many users who have acquired them.

Surely you are already aware of the new features that Google has recently introduced. In particular, the incorporation of the artificial intelligence system in the search results has been something that has given a lot to talk about and that aspires to become an important system. However, for now not all users are happy with it.

Disconnect AI

One of the two extensions that we recommend is Hide Google AI Overviews, which is a tool aimed at blocking the appearance of those AI highlights that appear when searching. The problem with this AI element in the results is that it takes up too much screen space, it can displace the results from pages that interest you and, furthermore, it is not always right. The reality is that there have already been many examples of how, instead of getting it right, it makes some mistakes with the guides and indications it provides.

Chrome Hide Extension Google AI Overviews

For many users, it is not an attractive element, but something that is burdensome and that affects the classic navigation in search results of a lifetime. For this reason, a developer has launched this extension, which is available for free and does not collect any type of information from the user. If you take a look at the comments from users who have installed it, it is clear that it is effective and does its job without problems.

Many of those reviews of Hide Google AI Overviews, an extension that you can find here, serve the community to show its rejection of the new AI system in Google results. As some say, this is an unrequested feature and one that may not be used by as many people as you might imagine. Perhaps the installation figures for this extension help demonstrate to Google that it should be a system that is not activated automatically.

Block Reddit results

The other extension that we recommend for Chrome is Exclude Reddit from SERPs and its objective is to block all search results that belong to the Reddit forum community. It is a great idea considering that these types of links are too commonly camouflaged among the results. And it is so common for Reddit links to appear that, in the end, it ends up becoming a real nightmare.

Chrome Extension Exclude Reddit from SERPs

Because although it is true that there may be times when you are interested in going to one of their threads, generally, when you are looking for something you are not as interested as you might imagine in a post on this platform. After all, they do not always include quality information and, in many cases, the content you end up with may not be to the user’s taste.

Although in recent years Reddit has incorporated blocking its adult content so that only registered users can see it, it is still a minefield where you can find anything. And that makes this extension so interesting, because it will eliminate in one fell swoop all the results that may appear on Reddit and so you won’t have to watch yourself click on them by mistake. In this case, the extension has been created by Vixen Digital and you have it available in this direct link to the Chrome Store.

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