Vodafone has good news with the premiere of Max for its customers


Starting tomorrow, HBO Max will become Max. Both for subscribers of the streaming platform who subscribe on their own and for users who enjoy this service from operators. However, Vodafone customers are in luck, and they will have an advantage that other users do not have simply by having Max with the red operator.

With the premiere of Max in Spain, different subscription plans will be launched. Therefore, the rates that the streaming platform will have from May 21 will have other characteristics. From the number of simultaneous reproductions to the image quality. Although, Vodafone customers with HBO Max will enjoy the Max premium plan for several months.

4K and premium plan until September

Starting tomorrow, Vodafone TV customers will now be able to watch Max instead of HBO Max from their decoders. And the best of all is that the red operator has an advantage that not all users will be able to enjoy: the free Premium plan for several months. The telephone company confirms that this plan will be given free of charge to users until the month of September: «Good morning, Daniel. You have the Standard plan, but as a Vodafone customer until September you will be able to enjoy the conditions of the Premium plan, then you will have those of the Standard plan without having to do anything.”

Even though the standard plan is included in your Vodafone TV rate, with the premiere of Max on the operator’s television you will be able to enjoy the premium plan which includes: 4K UHD, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision and HDR 10.

Vodafone X Message

Therefore, for practically the entire summer, until the last day of August, you will have Max’s Premium plan available. From that day on, customers with this streaming service will have the Standard plan available. This includes a maximum image quality of Full HD 1080 p, among other conditions. Therefore, all Seriefans and Serielovers customers who have the app integrated into the deco or through the Max app on their devices have this advantage for being Vodafone customers.

So the last day to see Max in 4K at the same price will be August 31, 2024. Starting the next day, that is, from the first day of September, the Standard plan of the streaming platform will be available. In addition, at the moment it is not known if the added payment will be available to access the Premium plan.

What are Max’s plans in Spain?

There is no longer any secret regarding the official prices of Max. The replacement of HBO Max around the world, which will take place starting tomorrow in Spain. Therefore, these are the plans that you will begin to enjoy:

  • Standard Plan for €9.99 per month or €99.90 per year: includes 2 simultaneous playbacks, Full HD resolution and up to 30 content downloads to watch without an Internet connection.
  • Premium Plan for €13.99 per month or €139 per year: up to 4 simultaneous playbacks, FHD or 4K resolution with Dolby Atmos sound and allows up to 100 content downloads.
  • Sports Package for €5 per month and can be added to any plan.

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