Zontes M350, with traction control, full equipment, more power and a good price


If we recently talked about the new Zontes M125, today it’s time to present a new medium displacement GT scooter from the brand, the Zontes M350, with a high level of equipment.

It will look familiar to you since externally it is identical to the M310, which was a novelty last year 2022, with its curious aesthetic marked by a certainly very personal front, and complements the recently shown D350, more conventional.

As in the M310, this M350 has a pointed front, with a pair of “side fangs” and simulated air inlets, which incorporates a separate and stacked double central full led optic, one for short and one for long, plus a pair of ” whiskers” DRL led on the flanks.

It’s so different that you either like it or simply hate it, but you have to admit that it has its own personality and that it strays from convention.

Photo of the Zontes M350
It is offered in several very attractive color combinations.

Its cycle part differs slightly from the M310 since its wheelbase increases 15 mm to 1,405 mm and incorporates a pair of 15″ and 14″ wheels -with a larger section tire-.

Braking improves with the adoption of a 268 mm wave-shaped front brake disc with a JJuan 4-piston caliper plus another rear disk -both wave-shaped-, and with Bosch ABS.

In the front end it mounts an inverted fork with double crown, with 41 mm bars. The seat is 760 mm high and under it there is space to store a full-face helmet, and on the counter shield it has two large glove compartments, with a double USB socket, the one on the left.

The Zontes M350 is a GT scooter that complements the current M310; does not replace it

The instrumentation is through a TFT color screen, it has Eco and Sport driving modes, adjustable levers, parking brake on the left lever, backlit pineapples, as well as a tire pressure and temperature sensor.

And the TFT screen incorporates another interesting novelty, four different displays as well as the “Screen Mirroring” function -mirror mode- that allows the mobile screen to be turned over to the scooter’s instrumentation.

Photo of the Zontes M350
In the counter shield there are a couple of glove compartments, one with 2 USB sockets.

In addition, it has an electrically adjustable screen and remote key start -with a proximity bracelet in the event that the remote key runs out of battery-, as is usual in the brand. A good equipment.

An extra detail is that the customer can choose either the adjustable high windscreen, or a lower and sportier version of transparent smoked plastic, as in the M125.

Photo of the Zontes M350
The TFT screen incorporates four display modes and a “mirror mode” function.

As for the engine, it now incorporates the one that equips the new Zontes D350 that we talked about recently, a 349 cc single-cylinder -4T, LC, 4V, SOHC, IE- with a diameter per stroke of 77 x 74.9 mm and that offers 36 hp. And as an extra, it incorporates an always grateful traction control.

It is already on sale in three decorations, silver with blue wheels, matte black with gold wheels and matte blue with gold wheels, at a price of 4,787 euros with a 39-liter top case and insurance -the first year- included. And it does not replace the M310, which will continue on sale for 4,287 euros, and also with a gift of a 39-liter top case and insurance -the first year-.

Photo of the Zontes M350
The front is the same as the M310, different and very personal.
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