Get an extra income with these web pages to earn money daily


As prices are due to inflation, any income seems short and that is why it never hurts to have more money than we have today. Fortunately, in a world as globalized as the Internet, it is not difficult to find certain websites that pay us to perform simple but necessary tasks.

If you have some extra free time and want to earn money, we are going to share a series of alternatives with which you could get money on a daily basis. It will not give you to live or leave your job, but they can be a good option to get extra income.


Surveyeah online paid surveys are an excellent way to be able to earn some money from home with absolute security. It is an online consumer panel, in which, after registering, you will participate in market studies to outline the characteristics that the products must have before going to market. You will receive paid surveys by email and by completing them you will see how your balance increases.


For each completed survey, you will earn between €0.25 and €4, depending on the duration. Most of the surveys sent by Surveyeah have an average duration set between 5-20 minutes.


Similar to the previous one, UserTesting allows you to earn money daily, but in this case by testing digital products before their official launch, being an easy way to get money in exchange for your first impressions.

After registering and completing a trial test, you will receive various tasks with the possibility to test various websites or applications that are about to be released in order to give recommendations and evaluate them before they are released to the end user.


This is one of the best options for those who don’t want to complicate their lives too much, since they will perform a task that anyone who browses the Internet will be more than used to: solving captchas.

Those constant challenges in which we have to prove that we are not a robot are not only a security step, but you can also register on their platform and help in the image recognition projects they have, precisely to further fine-tune the shot and that the captchas that are later used are better.


Atexto is a company with which you can earn money from home doing transcriptions. If you are looking for a way to generate extra income remotely, either from the comfort of your home or from wherever you want while traveling around the world, this is a good option.

Once you’re inside, it’s about transcribing small audio fragments following some guidelines. It is not a translation, you do not have to translate what the audios say, you simply have to write what they say.


NeoBux is a service where users can multiply their earnings just by watching ads. Advertisers benefit from the best quality/price ratio and NeoBux’s years of experience in turning their advertising campaigns into successful ones.


Users can earn money not only by viewing ads, but also by completing surveys, playing free games, and performing simple tasks like searching Google, finding specific information on a web page, categorizing images or videos, etc.

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