Goodbye Fusion: these are the new Movistar Family fares


At the end of February, it became known that Movistar was thinking of retiring the Fusion tariffs after 10 years in the market. The truth is that it was a revolutionary proposal that completely changed the market in our country and made all the competition go in tow to launch similar products. Currently, convergent rates are king and we have them available in all colors, prices and shapes. Perhaps for this reason, the blue operator considers that it is time to take a new course. As far as we have been able to know, these would be the new Movistar Family rates to replace Fusion.

As we have already explained to you, Fusión was launched in 2012 as a package of convergent services for fixed and mobile telephony, mobile broadband, fixed Internet access and pay television. In all this time it has evolved a lot and many things have also happened in the telecoms market, from purchases between companies to the arrival of new competitors. One piece of information that we do know is that Movistar’s converged customers fell by 3% in the third quarter of 2021, which may indicate the need to change direction.

Another of the things that transpired at the end of February is that the new rates would be complemented with services such as alarms, health, energy, connected car and finance. Without going any further, a few days ago we learned of an alliance between Movistar and Mapfre to offer better car insurance prices to Movistar Car customers. With all of the above, we have had access to what could be the new rates of the blue operator under the name Familia Movistar.

This would be Familia Movistar, the new Fusion

As a result of a leak to which we have had access and which responds to the need for any company to load the new rates or products into the system before their presentation, we know what the new Movistar convergent rates would be. Despite this, we still have many key details to know, such as the launch date, what will happen to current customers or the detailed characteristics of each package.

Goodbye Movistar Plus

Goodbye to Movistar Fusion

New Movistar Familia rates with all the details we know:

Movistar Max family (they will not have unlimited data)

  • Movistar Max Movistar Plus + Essential Fiber 300 megabytes 64.90 euros
  • Movistar Max LaLiga Fibra 300 megabytes 89.90 euros
  • Movistar Max Champions and Europa League Fibra 300 megabytes 84.90 euros
  • Movistar Max Soccer Fiber 300 megabytes 105.90 euros
  • Movistar Max Fiction with Netflix Fibra 300 megabytes (unconfirmed price)

Unlimited Movistar Family

  • Unlimited Movistar Movistar Plus+ Essential Fibra 1 giga 79.90 euros
  • Unlimited Movistar LaLiga Fibra 1 giga 104.90 euros
  • Unlimited Movistar Champions and Europa League Fibra 1 giga 99.90
  • Unlimited Movistar Fiction with Netflix + Fútbol Fibra 1 giga (price not confirmed)

Family Movistar Unlimited X2

  • Unlimited Movistar x2 Movistar Plus+ Essential Fiber 1 giga 94.90 euros
  • Unlimited Movistar x2 LaLiga Fibra 1 giga 119.90 euros
  • Unlimited Movistar x2 Champions and Europa League Fibra 1 giga 114.90 euros
  • Unlimited Movistar x2 Soccer Fiber 1 gig 135.90 euros
  • Unlimited Movistar x2 Fiction with Netflix Fibra 1 giga (price not confirmed)
  • Unlimited Movistar x2 Fiction with Netflix + Soccer Fiber 1 giga (price not confirmed)

With only that level of detail it is difficult to know the best ones that we will have with respect to current rates. Some things are clear, such as the two fiber speeds will be 300 Mbps and 1 Gbps. It also seems that unlimited data will only be in some modes.

In the absence of knowing if they are all, right now Fusion 0 part of 58 euros and these new rates would make it 64.90 euros. The most expensive modality is also priceless, but it could be between Total Fusion and Total Fusion Plus, that is, between 150 and 175 euros per month.

What do you think of the possible new Movistar Family rates?

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