How to show the command bar or toolbar in AutoCAD

How to show the command bar or toolbar in AutoCAD

Technology advances, and with it the software and tools that help us develop better work, and drawing and design programs are no exception.

Today many AutoCAD designers and users have experienced that just when they are going to start a new design with the creation wizard or open an already created one to continue editing it, the command bar or also known as the toolbar has disappeared and it is not known how to display such a bar again in AutoCAD.

It is important to clarify that this problem is not something serious, on the other hand, it is something that you can very well solve in an easy and simple way, you just have to stay and learn how you can show the AutoCAD toolbar on your computer.

Why can’t I see the AutoCAD command bar or toolbar?

As I said before, this problem is something that can be solved easily and quickly. However, there are several factors that can cause the command bar or tool bar to not be visible to you in the AutoCAD interface.

One of the most common is that of the “Clean screen” function, which may be activated and that is why you cannot see said bar. Also, the bars may be set to auto-hide for some reason, or simply turned off by mistake.

autocad interface design

It is important that you check if by chance your work area from AutoCAD is not marked or it has been changed.

If you have already taken all these factors into account, we could deduce that there is a third-party plug-in or extension installed in AutoCAD that is causing you problems when wanting to display and use the toolbar.

If this is not the case, there may have been a failure installing AutoCAD on your computer or some of its files may have been damaged by one or another failure in your computer’s system.

show toolbar

Despite being a somewhat common problem among its users, similar to making the “Model” and “Layout” tabs appear in AutoCAD, it also has an easy, fast and simple solution. To make it easy to display the toolbar you just have to scroll or move to another part of your workspace and then return to the same workspace you were in.

If for some reason the AutoCAD toolbar still does not appear, it is very likely that you have the “Clean Screen” function activated, which causes the space where you draw to be shown in extended or maximized view. The quickest method to disable this feature and show the toolbar again is by pressing the key combination “Ctrl + 0”.

Show command bar

Now, if instead of the toolbar, the bar that disappeared was the command bar, you can still easily solve it. How? You just have to locate yourself inside the AutoCAD program on your computer and press the key combination “Ctrl + 9” so that the command bar is displayed immediately.

autocad bar design program

On the other hand, if it happens that pressing the key combination does not show the command bar, type in the command in the program “_COMMANDLINE” so that the command bar is displayed instead.

Show menu bar

If in this case, it was not the AutoCAD toolbar or the command bar that disappeared, but the menu bar, you can make it reappear again by locating yourself at the top of your screen, in the menu bar. Quick and easy access tools.

What you have to do is click on the arrow located on the right side of the spaces it shows. Then you will be shown a dropdown tab with multiple options. Look for the option marked “Show Menu Bar” or “Show Menu Bar.”

If after trying each of the solutions the problem persists, you could try to completely uninstall the program, install and activate the latest full version.

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