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Hyundai develops an innovative system to disinfect electric cars


Hyundai develops an innovative system to disinfect electric cars

Specialized media assure that Hyundai would have registered the patent for an innovative system to disinfect its electric cars.

This is what Carbuzz advances in a news item in which he explains that, in accordance with the patent registered with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), the objective is to keep the trunk clean by using ultraviolet lights and a intelligence system that is responsible for directing the airflow towards the rear of the vehicle.

clean and smart system

Actually, the explanation of how Hyundai’s disinfection system works is simple: the system manages the opening and closing of a series of blinds attached to the ventilation unit, while the vehicle’s own aerodynamics is responsible for channeling the air.

In this way, not only is the cargo area free of mites and bacteria, but also all the objects that are transported in it. At the same time, the patent is designed to eliminate bad odors and preserve sensitive items from thermal changes.

test ioniq 5

In order for the system to work exactly when and where it is needed, the GPS will track the position of the car to determine if there are any infectious risks in the surroundings.

And when loading the trunk, the system will detect if there is emission of odors and at what height the objects are placed to regulate the air flow.

What comes with the Ioniq 7

It is not the first news that we have about work carried out by the engineers of the Korean brand to purify the air that circulates inside its electric cars.

The Ioniq 7 announces that it will incorporate two advances presented in the Hyundai Seven Concept. On the one hand, a sanitized air flow system; on the other, an ultraviolet light to disinfect the interior surfaces once its occupants have gotten out of the vehicle (the prototype also had a system to disinfect shoes).

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