It’s official: the KTM SMT returns, the ‘Supermoto Travel’


A few weeks ago at we announced the almost imminent arrival at dealers of the brand of the KTM 890 SMT. Well, the Austrian brand has just announced that the KTM Supermoto Travel -or SMT- returns on April 24, 2023.

Although the images of the completely finished motorcycle have not been leaked, we have the spy photos that you can see in the previous link. And even others much earlier, in their first stage of development. Comparing them, you can see huge differences, as we pointed out a few weeks ago.

Instead of the Adventure’s two side tanks, the SMT has just one in a more conventional position. In addition, it mounts 17″ alloy wheels on both axes.

As you know, the KTM SMT is a purely asphalt trail or ‘crossover’. In other words, a motorcycle specialized in traveling, without giving up some outstanding dynamic qualities in sports driving. This concept had already been exploited by the Austrian brand more than ten years ago with the 990 SMT.

A niche that, on the other hand, has been segregated in recent times. The success of the big adventure bikes on the one hand, and the powerful hypernaked ones on the other, are to blame.

Under the motto “SMT is Back, Hell Yeah” ( “The SMT is back, of course it is!”) KTM puts you on notice on its website of the imminent entry into the market of the KTM Supermoto Travel.

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