Movistar does not stop the rhythm: launches a new action channel for all its customers


The Movistar television platform is renewing its thematic channels with the passing of the weeks. Well, for this occasion, it wanted to launch a new thematic pop up channel to celebrate the arrival of a new original series from the operator to its programming.

Movistar Plus+ has us more than used to bringing together great titles, movies and series. However, not every day it releases original content. For this very reason, he wanted to launch this new channel to also make way for his new original series ‘La Unidad Kabul’. However, this ephemeral channel will not be forever, as we have been seeing with the pop up channels of the blue operator.

The Superagentes pop up channel on M+

‘La Unidad Kabul’ does not reach Movistar alone, it does so accompanied by a new thematic pop up channel on the operator’s TV platform. The new channel is called Superagente by M+ and will be available from April 18 to May 28, 2023. And all to celebrate that the telephone company is launching a new original series in its programming.

In this way, with this new ephemeral channel of Movistar Plus+ it is intended to bring together some of the best movies, series or even action and suspense documentaries. In addition, many of the titles that can be followed on this new alternative will also be available on the platform’s on-demand service.

Although, there is no doubt that, from this pop up channel, you will be able to follow some of the best series, documents or films about spies, infiltrators, elite police forces or special units. The best of all is that it is to prepare the broadcast of its original series, which will also be able to be enjoyed from this same channel.

Superagent by M+

More action movies and series

This pop up channel will offer, from April 18 to May 28 of this year, a large selection of film titles, series and documentaries with the same genre as the original Movistar Plus+ series. Therefore, this new option of the operator, Superagentes by M+, will broadcast the series ‘La Unidad Kabul’ and the two previous seasons of ‘La Unidad’, since they follow the police team that fights against jihadist terrorism, so It will also be part of the programming.

And among the most outstanding film titles that can be followed through this operator’s pop up option, we find the following films: ‘The Equalizer. The protector’, ‘Spies from the sky’, ‘SWAT (Harrelson’s men)’, ‘Syriana’, ‘The mediator’ and ‘The tailor of Panama’. Although, they are not the only titles that will arrive, since there are also many series that can be seen on this channel: ‘Riot Control’, ‘The Blacklist’ T8, ‘Vigil: Nuclear Conspiracy’, ‘Trigger Point: Out of Control’ ‘ and ‘Alex Rider’ T1.

Finally, to complete this thematic channel, documentaries are also needed. For this, we will be able to enjoy ‘Return to Raqqa’, ‘The Londongrad murders’, ‘Litvinenko: the murder of the Russian spy’. And remember that all this content will also be available on the service on demand.


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