O2 completes its offer with this new fiber and mobile rate for 44 euros


From now on, O2 customers or future customers will have a new option in the fiber + mobile rate catalog of Telef√≥nica’s low cost company. If a few months ago we saw how the operator was left with only three options, now they have chosen to include a fourth alternative to complete their entire convergent offer.

In addition, the change is already available, so if you are interested in this new convergent rate from the operator, you can contact them to change your current rate. So, now we have to see what it includes and how its fiber + mobile offer stays.

New convergent rate in O2

Since November, we have seen how the low cost operator decided to get rid of one of its fiber + mobile rates, leaving only three alternatives for its customers or future users. However, some time later, the company has once again decided to include another option and thus offer a most complete catalog to everyone.

In this case, if we count the arrival of this new O2 fiber and mobile rate, its catalog of convergent offers remains as follows:

  • 300 Mbps fiber with 5G mobile with unlimited calls and 35 GB for 35 euros.
  • 500 Mbps fiber with 5G mobile with unlimited calls and 50 GB for 38 euros.
  • NEW 500 Mbps Fiber with 5G mobile, unlimited calls and 75 GB for 44 euros per month.

  • 1 Gbps fiber with 5G mobile line with unlimited calls and 100 GB for 50 euros.

O2 fiber and mobile rates

Therefore, we find another option with 500 Mbps to have Internet at home, but, in this case, we will have more mobile gigabytes for the mobile line. Instead of 50 gigs, we will have 75 GB. And, as in the other combined rates of the company, we have the option of adding additional mobile lines with unlimited calls and 10 gigabytes of data for an additional 5 euros per month (maximum up to four additional mobiles).

In addition to this, it does not include any type of permanence commitment with the operator, like the rest of the combined rates. And the installation of the fiber and the router are free.

The changes in the operator

In November, we already saw how the operator parted with the cheapest option of its fiber and mobile rates, the 30-euro one that included 100 Mbps and 10 mobile gigabytes. However, it must also be taken into account that, at that same moment, the other option for 35 euros with 100 Mbps was improved to 300 Mbps and 35 GB. An important jump seeing how the current panorama is with the operators.

Especially with Movistar, since the company’s price increase has been an important step, which has also caused O2 to decide to give more variety to its catalog so that people can have more options when hiring fiber and mobile.

In this way, this new convergent offer is located halfway between the 500 Mbps rate for 38 euros per month and the 1 Gbps option for 50 euros per month. So we are facing an intermediate offer that can come in handy for the operator’s catalog and, above all, for O2 customers.

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