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Sales of electrified models grew remarkably in Europe in 2022


Sales of electrified models grew remarkably in Europe in 2022

Pure electrics, almost 30%.

Within the general disaster that car sales in Europe entailed in 2022, the face of the coin was taken by electrified models, which in general terms experienced widespread growth, the most prominent case being that of electric cars.

According to the data collected by the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) and offered by Faconauto, sales of electric vehicles in Europe grew by 29.3% during 2022, reaching a total of 1.57 million units, while that in 2021 the total was 1.21 million registrations. accounted for in 2021.

Part of the responsibility for this is due to the good month of December, in which a figure of 572,434 units was reached, an increase of 36% compared to the previous year.

Hybrid cars achieved sales of 2.63 million in 2022, which implied a growth of 8.5%, highlighting the great month of December recorded, since their sales grew by 25.9%, standing at 680,415 units.

The negative note was found both in plug-in hybrid cars, something surprising, and in gas models, something more predictable, since, in general terms, it is not a technology that has come to settle in Europe except in specific cases.

With regard to PHEVs, with 1.01 million registered units, the decrease experienced was 2.7%, a negative result that could not be saved even with the good month of December: 325,916 units (+22.5% ).

As for cars that use natural gas, we are talking about a much smaller impact throughout Europe, since they only reached 18,421 units, a drop of 57.6%.

Observing the European market as a whole, gasoline cars continue to be the ones that accumulate the most sales, since they accounted for 36.4% of new registrations. Hybrid cars follow, with 22.6% of the total. And third place is still occupied by diesel cars, with 16.4%, which are already stalking zero emissions (12.1%).

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