So you can get Amazon to send you all kinds of products for free


Thanks to its huge product catalogue, today we have the possibility of acquiring almost everything at the e-commerce giant, Amazon. In addition, the online store offers us some advantages that we can benefit from, and we are not only talking about prices.

It is precisely for all these reasons that this online shopping proposal has become one of the most widely used around the globe. In fact, we can also subscribe to your Amazon Prime mode and thus obtain even more advantages such as free shipping. To this we can add that we will have a video streaming service, and another music service.

The truth is that when we receive any of our purchases at home, in addition to the monitoring that the platform informs us about, it also asks us for an opinion on the product. On many occasions we ignore this request that the store makes us, but perhaps we should not. All this because perhaps we could be one of the chosen ones of Amazon Vine, a service that many of you may not know yet.

At this point, we don’t need to tell you that the retail giant tries by all means to get us to leave comments about our purchases in the store. Precisely to encourage this type of movement, the Amazon Vine service was created several years ago. The first thing we should know is that this is a platform that was created in order to increase the number of product reviews. Secondarily, this accelerates interest in them and encourages others to buy them.

How can I access Amazon Vine?

Thus, through Amazon Vine, the store seeks to encourage shoppers to leave reviews about their purchases. And what better way to promote this type of movement so that we carry it out on a regular basis than to offer free products as a reward. Without a doubt, this is an incentive that will convince many to waste a few minutes leaving reviews so that others can read them.

amazon vine interface

The objective of all this is to have a community of authors of quality opinions that can help others. In this way, Amazon ensures reliable opinions for its buyers and gives brands the opportunity to improve based on their preferences. Of course, we must take into account that to access this comment service and thus benefit, for example, from the free products that we could receive, we must wait for Amazon to invite us.

That means that we will not be able to subscribe to Amazon Vine on our own, but we have to wait for the e-commerce giant to send us an invitation to do so. Keep in mind that if we are habitual when it comes to leaving reviews of our purchases in the store, we will have a much better chance of receiving that invitation to Vine. Obviously we must leave reliable and honest reviews about our purchases, and the more the better, so that we can call the attention of the store and invite us to this service.

In fact, the online store itself informs us that the more insightful and original our opinions, the better. This basically means that we will have a better chance of receiving the invitation and subscribing to Amazon Vine to take advantage of our opinions.

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