Starlink surprises and shows which countries have the fastest satellite Internet


It is not usual, but Starlink is beginning to announce the maximum speed that can be enjoyed in some countries. And what is most surprising, for example, is that Spain is among the European countries with the best connection speed. You just have to go to the Elon company website to quickly take a look. Although, it is not the only one that already offers this information to users.

Our country is not one of the regions where satellite Internet from Elon Musk’s company has been around for the longest time, however, it is one of the countries in which this service has earned a reputation. In fact, it must be taken into account that it is one of the few areas where you can contract the basic residential plan starting at 29 euros per month.

Up to 290 Mbps in Spain

Many users already know the speed, however, this information was not so visible as soon as they entered the Starlink plans in Spain. Now, for example, once inside their website, you can see how it appears that the speed of their satellite Internet service in our country is up to 290 Mbps.

The most curious thing of all is that it can be seen in those regions where the basic plan is available starting at 29 euros per month. As is the case of Italy. In this country, the maximum speed available to users is 255 Mbps. Therefore, it is surprising that in our territory you can enjoy a higher speed, despite the short time it has been in use compared to other parts of Europe. .

However, in other European countries such as Portugal, Germany, France… among others, this same information does not appear as soon as you enter the Starlink website. So it is curious that in our country the maximum speed that users can have in our territory or, also, in other areas such as Italy, is already calculated.

Price increase in our country?

On the other hand, in addition to the maximum speed, there is another point that has begun to be talked about regarding the Elon satellite Internet company, and that is that the cost of the service increases in price in the United States. And most likely, as has happened on other occasions, it will directly impact the rest of the world.

Residential Starlink

The rate goes up to $200 a month. Currently, current subscribers paid a price of $200, so with this new increase, the rate will rise to $400 per month. In this case, it applies to the Starlink Roam rate, which in our country is known as the Starlink Itinerant plan. This increase will apply from August 16. Therefore, if the price increases, it would not affect all customers with the residential plan that starts at 29 euros per month if the basic plan is contracted. Although, we will have to keep an eye on whether this price increase is finally applied also in Spain and other parts of the world.

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