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The new taxation could raise the price of fuels up to 70%


The new taxation could raise the price of fuels up to 70%

The pursuit of gasoline and diesel continues.

The European Union wants to be a pioneer in decarbonizing mobility, betting on the electric car exclusively even without the proposed deadlines is something impractical. The agency continues to take steps in that direction and is preparing a new tax system that could raise fuel prices by up to 70%.

The consulting firm Deloitte has prepared a report that maintains that “the proposal for the new directive on energy taxation and the proposal to include transport in the ETS system from the year 2026 anticipate an increase in the prices of fossil fuels for transport of 20 at 70%”.

And it is that new taxes are being prepared from Brussels that, added to the objective of including transport in the emission rights trading system, will result in a considerable increase in the prices of all fuels.

As far as light transport is concerned, the increases will be notable.

In the case of diesel, the tax rate per distance will go from 1.9 to 3.2, while that of gasoline will increase from 3.3 points to 4. This would cause the former to raise its prices by 70%, while this would do it by 20%.

To this, we must also add the growth in the tax rate for energy content, which will go from 10.3 to 18.2 for diesel and from 14.2 to 17.7 for gasoline.

The persecution of both fuels is clear, while others will be saved from burning, at least in part. Biomethane will see a much smaller increase in the distance tax rate, which will rise from 0.3 to 0.8%, while hydrogen will remain at 0%, as it is the cleanest.

All this, logically, will have an impact (as always) on the citizen’s pocket, who will have to pay much higher prices if they cannot afford to switch to electric cars.

The Deloitte report points out in this regard: “As in the rest of the sectors, the transformation of transport faces a series of uncertainties, which it will be necessary to answer to materialize said transformation without damaging a sector with such relevance for companies and citizens” .

Source: The Objective

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