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The Volkswagen Driving Experience celebrates two decades training Spanish drivers


The Volkswagen Driving Experience celebrates two decades training Spanish drivers

In this month of June, the total sum since 2003 will reach 36,000 drivers.

I have always said it: there is nothing better to learn than a driving course. Honestly, I think that when it comes to getting your license it would be important to spend less time on mechanical theory, for example, and more on practicing with this type of experience where you are taught to know how a vehicle behaves, to take a curve correctly or to perform an emergency braking, among many other exercises.

These courses are taught by Volkswagen, which celebrates 20 years with its Volkswagen Driving Experience. Doesn’t that seem like a long time? Well, think that at that time the fifth generation of the Golf GTI was on the market and that the book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ has just been published. You’ve changed your mind, right?

Volkswagen Driving Experience 2023

Well, since then, since 2003, and counting this month, between 35,000 and 36,000 people will have enjoyed one of these experiences that were born as a training program aimed at the commercial network and that became a school with a double objective: show the technology and assistants of the company’s models and improve the technique of drivers with theoretical and practical training.

As Laura Ros, general director of Volkswagen Spain, maintains: “Volkswagen Driving Experience is a strategic program that reflects our commitment to road safety. We believe that training is one of the best tools to achieve a reduction in accidents and advance the objective of zero accidents”.

And like the brand, they have evolved and today courses are offered on asphalt, dirt and snow that are aimed at both experienced and new drivers, whether they are clients of the Wolfsburg firm or not. It is also the first brand to offer a driving course designed specifically for electric vehicles (ID School).


VIDEO: Luis Moya, singing his own notes at -15 degrees on a frozen lake and in a VW T-Roc R

Speaking of customers: “Safety, innovation, reliability are attributes that define Volkswagen, but what really sets us apart from the competition is the emotion that our vehicles give off, with such iconic models as the Beetle or the new ID. Buzz. Our Driving School allows us to transmit all these values ​​to our clients in a close environment. Excitement of experiencing the performance and capabilities of cars in extreme situations such as those that we can reproduce in a controlled environment such as circuits. And emotions create links that are stronger than reason can create, which is why this program is so special for us”, maintains Albert García, Volkswagen Marketing Director.

In addition, accompanying the driver are experienced drivers such as Luis Villamil or Fernando Navarrete, and he is supported by the two-time world rally champion Luis Moya, who is always a privilege to hear from him.

Volkswagen Driving Experience 2023

Since 2021, there is the possibility of opting for the new personalized courses or for private sessions with professional monitors at the ‘One to One School’ (in Madrid and Barcelona every Saturday on demand), without forgetting the ‘Meet&Drive with Luis Moya’ , in which you enjoy a two-hour personal driving class accompanied by a professional driver and where you meet Luis during a private meal. Without forgetting the well-known ‘R Ice Experience and 4 Motion Ice and Snow’, the R School and the GTI School.

You can learn about all the ‘Volkswagen Driving Experience’ courses and programs here. A totally recommendable experience.

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