This gaming table has everything you need, and it’s half the price!


Almost always we usually place the computer on any surface: a table that we have at home, a bedside table, our legs, etc. However, having an appropriate table can help us to be much more comfortable, especially when we spend many hours in front of the computer or use it to play games. In general, these types of accessories are usually quite expensive. But, if we know how to find the offer, it is possible to get a gaming table, along with all its accessories, at half the price of what it would normally cost.

The gaming desk that we are going to talk about today is the McHausMC. This table is perfect for all kinds of uses, from mounting in an office to a room, and even in the living room at home to use it exclusively for the computer and not occupy other furniture. This table is made up of a very resistant metal structure, to which is attached an MDF wooden board with anti-slip and anti-scratch protection. Thanks to its materials, we are facing a light computer table and, at the same time, very resistant.

Next to the table we can find several accessories designed to improve our comfort. Thus, for example, we find a coaster to place our drink while we are using the PC, a support for headphones so as not to leave the PC helmets lying around, and even a support for the controls to always have them at hand without clutter the table.

Gaming table offer pc components

The assembly of this table, in addition, is easy and fast, so we will not have problems even if we are not very handy. Of course, we recommend doing it, at least, between two people to avoid forcing the body and to be able to move the pieces more easily.

An excellent table at 50%

Gaming tables are, in general, quite an expensive product. That is why we often ignore them, without being aware of the advantages that this type of accessories can bring us. However, for a very short time, if we want we can get one of these tables for half the money they cost. In general, Mc Haus gaming tables are priced at 199.98 euros. But, while the offer lasts, we can make them with it for half, that is, for 99.99 euros.

The order is not sent directly by PC Components, but is sold and shipped by the manufacturer, Mc Haus. Of course, we continue to have the same guarantees as always when using PC Components and, on this occasion, shipping is also completely free.

And, if we prefer it with the details in blue, we will also be able to buy it in this same store and at the same price.

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