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Second-hand Opel Mokka, how much does it cost?


Second-hand Opel Mokka, how much does it cost?

test Opel Mokka GS Line 1.2 130 CV Automatic

In perspective, the Mokka is a fairly young model. Despite this, in his short career he has experienced more than important changes. As a member of the thriving segment of small SUVs, it generates a lot of interest, and not a few are considering getting one on the used market. But how much does a second-hand Opel Mokka cost?

The truth is that, due to what was mentioned at the beginning, it is necessary to divide the used Mokka offer into three segments:

  • On the one hand, the original Opel Mokka, which was released in 2013, and the Opel Mokka X, which appeared in 2017.
  • On the other, the current Opel Mokka, which began to be sold in 2021 and shares a platform and mechanics with many Stellantis models.
  • Finally, the electric Opel Mokka, which due to its peculiarities must be considered almost a separate model

The first thing to say is that, as is logical, it is the first two generations that make up the vast majority of copies for sale, being more difficult to find the current one and practically impossible if we talk about the zero-emission version.

Second-hand Opel Mokka first and second generation

We include both generations in a single section because, except for the change of surname and some tweaks, we are basically talking about the same model, with a more country-like design than the current Mokka, something that, depending on taste, can even be a point in its favor.

The gasoline-diesel distribution is quite even, but with the peculiarity that in the first generation of the Opel diesel predominates and in the second it is gasoline that has the greatest presence. In both cases, the intermediate/high power versions are the most common: 136 and 140 hp, respectively.

Although it is rare, there are some zero kilometer units that very little trot behind them, but the normal thing is that the least used are around 10,000 kilometers, while there are copies that border on 200,000.

The price range, as happens later in later versions, is around 10,000 euros, with the cheapest copies being 9,000 and the most expensive around 21,000 euros.

Third generation second hand Opel Mokka

In this case, the change is noticeable, since it is a completely new model, developed under the Stellantis umbrella and which, for practical purposes, is very similar to a contemporary Peugeot 208, Opel Corsa or Peugeot 2008.

Of the relatively large second-hand Mokka park, it represents a small part, since there are not even 200 units for sale, all of them quite modern, which is logical since the model began to be marketed in 2021.

In such a short time they have not been able to accumulate many kilometers and at most it is possible to find a specimen that is around 50,000, but not more. At the opposite extreme, the km 0 offer is quite extensive.

The offer of diesel versions (110 hp) is almost non-existent and most are gasoline, with a fairly balanced distribution between the access version with 100 hp and the superior version that reaches up to 130 hp.

Their prices are not exactly cheap, never falling below 20,000 euros and being able to reach up to 30,000 in some cases.

Used Opel Mokka electric

Compared to the previous cases, the sample of the Mokka-e is merely testimonial, with just a few dozen units for sale, of which a significant part are actually kilometer zero.

They are very new copies, from this year or the previous one, with mileages that do not usually exceed 10,000 kilometers and quite high prices, which do not fall below 30.00 euros and can go up to almost 40,000 euros.

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