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VIDEO: these two drivers are stung in the middle of the highway, causing very dangerous situations


This crash between two drivers could have ended much worse.

These two drivers crashed in the middle of the highway, causing very dangerous situations. These situations have always occurred on the road, just as it happens in the schoolyard when two students want to show who is the strongest. And both in one situation and in another, the objective is stupid, and the consequences can escalate to where we cannot imagine.

In the image we see the recording of a camera installed on the windshield of the protagonist car that points towards the running order, towards the road. This driver drives in the left lane, thereby seeking to overtake slower traffic on the right side. But then, a car appears in the right lane that passes the first car, and tries to get in front of it in the left lane.

This is a prohibited practice, which has a fine. You cannot overtake in the right lane, except in exceptional cases. One of them is overshoot, and it occurs due to high traffic density. When the vehicles in the right lane go faster than those in the left, we would not be talking about overtaking, but rather overtaking. Although, in this case, we would not talk about this assumption.

Since the first car does not allow the second car to enter the left lane, it makes a very dangerous maneuver, overtaking the car in the right lane on the hard shoulder and placing itself in front of the first car, the one with the camera installed. This is the trigger for them to start getting ahead again and again in a very dangerous way. Do not miss the video to have an example of what you cannot do under any circumstances on the road.

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