Vodafone TV customers receive three new free channels in April


The red operator will launch three new guest channels starting in April on its television service. As a result, customers who have contracted Vodafone TV in their homes will be able to enjoy these three new options starting next month, which are added to the telephone company’s wide catalog of channels.

April begins tomorrow and Vodafone customers will have three new free channels to continue enjoying the operator’s television service. And, best of all, they will not have any additional cost to access these new options from the operator.

Vodafone adds three more channels

Over the months, the different television operators are renewing their catalog so as not to lose steam. And, in this case, it was Vodafone TV’s turn to add three more options to its TV service. Although, they will not be available until next April. However, the good news is that tomorrow we start a new month, so we won’t have to wait long.

The new guest channels for the operator’s television are Syfy, Nat Geo Wild and TNT. Therefore, they will be integrated into the dials of the Vodafone TV offer starting tomorrow. Although, as you can see, there are some familiar faces like Syfy, which in January took over from another option. In addition, a few days ago we heard the news that Sol Música was leaving its place on the ‘¡Buen Viaje!’ channel.

TV channels on Vodafone TV

What content do they offer?

These new Vodafone TV channels will be available to all customers who have contracted this operator’s television service. Although, only during the month of April as we had already warned. Now, it’s time to know what are the contents that we can enjoy with the arrival for all users of these options:

  • syfy

We will find this operator guest option on dial 22. We will be able to enjoy different genres, from science fiction movies or series to authentic fantasy titles. Although, we can also find some horror content or paranormal phenomena. In any case, this payment channel is famous throughout the world and it is not for less because of everything it offers.

  • Nat Geo Wild

In the case of this Vodafone TV alternative, we will find it on dial 23 of the television platform. A channel focused exclusively on the broadcast of content related to the animal world and wildlife. So we will find a large volume of documentaries on this subject.

  • T.N.T.

Last but not least, on dial 24 we find TNT. Over the years, this channel has become one of the most watched options by pay television users in Spain. Within this option, we will have available television series and all kinds of movies that are aimed at any audience. However, it must be borne in mind that, shortly, this channel will be renamed Warner TV, after the decision of the Warner Bros company that we met a little over a month ago.


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