Wave of releases on Netflix: 53 movies and series you can watch in April


March is about to end and that means it’s time to know all the Netflix premieres for April of this year. Like every month, the streaming platform lets us know all the movies and series that we are going to be able to enjoy on its streaming service so that we don’t get tired of them. And it is that, if you are still subscribed, you will be lucky to see up to 53 premieres of new titles and new seasons.

For this reason, we are going to do a quick review of the Netflix premieres for the next month. In this way, you will already be able to write down on the calendar when the movie, series or special that you are not going to want to miss is released.

More seasons and new series for April

There are many titles that stand out for the month of April, but first, we are going to know some of the most important. Beginning on April 2 for the premiere of the series ‘A sailor at war’. In this new Netflix series, we will learn the story of two sailors who work on a Norwegian ship. Although, everything becomes more complicated when they start having to survive after the surprise outbreak of World War II.

Although, this is only the beginning. If we continue with the series premieres, we cannot forget to mention the series ‘Bronca’, which is launched on April 6 on the platform. And it is that, a normal traffic incident between two people gives rise to a conflict that brings to light the darkest side of these two strangers.

In addition, one of the great premieres is the new miniseries ‘A man from Florida’ that opens on April 13 on Netflix. In it, we will enjoy the story of an ex-policeman who has big debts and who wants to return to his native Florida in order to take on a no-good job. And, finally, everything leads him to the search for a deadly treasure. In addition to these premieres, the following series and new seasons also arrive on the platform:

  • ‘Analog or digital love’: April 6.
  • ‘Transatlantic’: April 7.
  • ‘So far everything is going well’: April 7.
  • ‘Shin, Divorce Lawyer’: April 8.
  • Cocomelon: Let’s Sing!’: April 10.
  • ‘Relentless Hunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing’: April 12
  • ‘The mother-in-law who gave birth to you’: Season 2 on April 12.
  • ‘Obsession’: April 13.
  • ‘Alex Schwazer: March for Redemption’: April 13.
  • ‘A boss in diapers: back in the cradle’: April 13.
  • ‘Queenmaker’: April 14.
  • ‘Oggy Oggy’: April 17.
  • ‘How to get rich’: April 18.
  • ‘Chimp Empire’: April 19.
  • ‘Pulpit0’: Season 2 on April 19.
  • ‘The crush of the fang fairy’: April 20.
  • ‘The club of broken hearts’: April 20.
  • ‘The Diplomatic’: April 20.
  • ‘Dark Diamonds’: April 21.
  • ‘The matchmaker of India’: April 21.
  • ‘Welcome to Eden’: Season 2 on April 21.
  • ‘Magnificent Scientific Ada’: April 22.
  • ‘Love after love’: April 26.
  • ‘Tibuc├ín’: April 27.
  • ‘The nurse’: April 27.
  • ‘Sweet Tooth’: Season 2 on April 27.
  • ‘The King of Collectors: Goldin Auctions’: April 28.
  • ‘The waves of power’: April 28.

First-run movies and specials

Now it’s time to see the movies and specials that Netflix has prepared for us for the month of April. Starting with ‘Chupa’, on April 7. In this film we will see how a boy from Mexico finds in his grandfather’s shed a creature that they believed to be mythical in his country. And best of all, they become friends. But, they still have a great adventure to live.

And on April 19, the title ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Yesterday, Today and Forever’ is released. When it seems tragedy has finally struck the famous Power Rangers, a young woman joins them with the aim of facing her oldest archenemy and defeating her permanently.

power rangers netflix april

In addition to these two outstanding premieres, we also find the following films and specials that will arrive on the platform over the next month:

  • ‘The firm’: April 4.
  • ‘Mo’Nique: My Name is Mo’Nique’: April 4.
  • ‘Lewis Capaldi: How i’m feeling now’: April 5.
  • ‘The kings of Mulberry Street: Let love reign’: April 7.
  • ‘Ah, Belinda’: April 7.
  • ‘Hunger’: April 8.
  • ‘Leanne Morgan: I’m every woman’: April 11.
  • ‘Man in code Poland’: April 12.
  • ‘Phenomena’: April 14.
  • ‘Seven kings must die’: April 14.
  • ‘Escape of queens’: April 14.
  • ‘Out in the open’: April 14.
  • ‘The third longest date’: April 18.
  • ‘Travel guide to love’: April 21.
  • ‘Eighteen again’: April 21.
  • ‘With the rope around the neck’: April 21.
  • ‘Travel guide to love’: April 21.
  • ‘John Mulaney: Baby J’: April 25.
  • ‘Let them kiss!’: April 26.
  • ‘The matchmaker’: April 27.
  • ‘A wonderful weekend’: April 27.
  • ‘Alias’: April 28.


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