All about the new aid of 220 euros from the Government that you can request in April


Despite the success of the famous 200-euro aid that the Government released in 2023, this year the State has decided that it will not launch the same aid as last year. The reasons are several, but one of the main ones is the abuse that many users have done when ordering it, and by spending that money that, in the beginning, was intended for food. However, although the aid is not going to arrive as such, the Government is going to launch new aid this year, although with many nuances.

Although it has been rumored for a long time, it has finally become official. This 2024, the Government is going to launch new food aid that will allow the most vulnerable families to get through the month a little better. Of course, this time there will be much more control both in the application and when it comes to spending the money, since, despite the fact that the maximum amount of aid has been raised, we want to prevent the same thing from happening again. last year.

“Wallet Card” of up to 220 euros

This year, what the State is going to give is a “wallet card.” In it, depending on income, there can be up to 220 euros, which can be spent on essential food products in most supermarkets in the country, as long as they are enrolled in the program.

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Ministry of Social Rights, Consumption and A2030


🗣️ @Rosa_mr_, Secretary of State of @DSocialesGob, has explained in @rtvenoticias what are the objectives of the wallet cards that will be launched this year so that vulnerable families can directly buy food and basic necessities 👇 🏻

February 26, 2024 • 1:29 p.m.



This time, those in charge of distributing this card will be the Red Cross. And all those families who, with dependent children, earn less than 40% of the average income can apply for it. These people will have to make a request to the Social Services of each autonomous community, which will include them in the “basic assistance program for vulnerable families.” Once inside, that is when they must go to the NGO to request the card.


Depending on the situation of each family, the amount of this aid can range from 130 euros per month to 220 euros per month. The amount depends directly on earning less than 40% of the average income, and will vary depending on the members of the family:

  • Adult with a minor: 130 euros per month.
  • Adult and two minors: 160 euros per month.
  • Family of 4 members: 190 euros per month.
  • Family of 5 members: 220 euros per month.

This year, the aid is financed by the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+). But, starting in 2025, this will depend directly on the autonomous communities, so it is very likely that there will be changes in the amounts and conditions to qualify for them.

Deadline to request help of 220 euros

If you are going to apply for help, you should know that you cannot ask for it yet. The deadline to apply for it opens next April 2024. Once the deadline is open, we will have to make the request to the Social Services of our community so that they can put us in the basic assistance program. And once inside, we can request the card from the Red Cross.

As there are several intermediate steps, it is possible that two or three months may pass until we have the card in our hands. And the 220 euros do not accumulate, so any money not spent on the card is lost when they renew the amount the following month.

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