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The 6 biggest engines in automotive history


The 6 biggest engines in automotive history

bugatti chiron 400

Courtesy of RM Auctions

Thrusters from other times, mostly.

Large engines are becoming less and less stylish, especially since many of the sports cars that used to mount them now opt for smaller blocks accompanied by electrical aids. However, in automotive history there have been gigantic powertrains: these are the 6 biggest car engines ever made.

Bugatti Royal Type 41

greatest engines history

Bugatti created the engine for the Bugatti Royal Type 41 initially for the French Air Force, but eventually ended up devoting it to the model. It was a naturally aspirated 8-cylinder in-line engine that produced 12.7 liters and developed 300 hp. Only 6 units were manufactured between 1927 and 1933.

Hispano Suiza J12

Hispano-Suiza J12 Cabriolet deVille

Courtesy of RM Auctions

Recently revived, one of its classic models mounts one of the largest engines in history: the Hispano Suiza J12 (manufactured between 1931 and 1938) had an 11.3-liter V12 OHV block that exceeded 200 HP of power.

dodge viper srt

greatest engines history

Sadly, the Dodge Viper went out of production a few years ago, but it still left a huge legacy as one of the great American supercars. The latter, literally, because it came to use an atmospheric 8.4 V10 engine that exceeded 600 HP of power.

cadillac eldorado

greatest engines history

Eldorado is one of the most illustrious names in the history of Cadillac and one of its most striking features was its long hood, a feature that was not aesthetic, but practical: it was necessary to make room for the large engines it mounted, highlighting the V8 naturally aspirated, 8.2 liters and 400 CV that he came to use in the 70s.

Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti is the only brand to appear twice on the list and the only one to do so with a current model. And it is that the Bugatti Chiron (as well as all its derivatives) mounts an 8-liter engine with 16 cylinders in ‘W’ and that has four turbos to develop 1,600 CV and 1,600 Nm of torque.

Rolls-Royce Phantom II

greatest engines history

The current generation of the Rolls-Royce Phantom has a fairly large engine, but it is small compared to the one used by the Phantom II, which had 7.6 liters in its six-cylinder engine that, yes, only developed 120 HP of power. .

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