Zontes E350, luxury gran turismo, with adjustable handlebars and two helmets under the seat


The active Chinese brand of the Tayo group surprises with a new scooter after the recent D350 and M350, it is the Zontes E350, a very spacious and equipped GT scooter.

At first glance, due to its generous size and its concept, it is reminiscent of the Burgman 400 and 650, the all-time reference GT, but its lines are more fluid, attractive, light and elegant.

Obviously it shares the same engine as the new Zontes M350 and the Zontes D350, the new single-cylinder 4T cycle -LC, 4V, SOHC, IE, 349 cc- which is the most powerful in its class with 36.7 CV and throttle control. traction.

It is a very attractive and well endowed GT scooter.

With the guarantee of such a solvent powertrain, the rest is added to do nothing but magnify the benefits of this Zontes E350, which is emerging as a “quasi” GT maxiscooter.

This Zontes E350 is a very well-equipped “quasi” maxiscooter GT, as usual in the brand

The bodywork is fluid, with sinuous and pointed lines on its front, with two large and aggressive torn optical groups that hide six headlights, with a blue stripe and a strip of DRL light -all full LED- that give it an impressive impression.

The same can be said of the rear with two large full led torn optical groups that point to the sky, very attractive and with personality.

The seat is huge for both seats and with the driver’s seat only 765 mm above the ground, with a large area to rest your feet and to drive with your legs stretched out resting on the countershield.

It is offered in black with gold wheels or in white.

The TFT color screen has four displays with automatic light control, Bluetooth connectivity -you can see the calls and messages from your mobile and control the multimedia system- as well as the “Screen Mirroring” function -mirror mode- with the smartphone , as in the D350.

And as in this one, it also has remote key start -with proximity bracelet-, Eco and Sport driving modes, levers adjustable in distance to the grip, parking brake on the left lever, backlit pineapples, as well as a pressure and temperature sensor of tires.

Two full-face helmets fit under the seat.

As in the D350, it incorporates a gadget: if we have selected mode E and you must overtake, the map automatically changes to S when it exceeds 7,000 revs and, after completing the maneuver and dropping from that speed, it returns to driving mode E .

It incorporates a good number of details and components of the D350

There is also an electrically adjustable windscreen, two USB sockets, two generous glove compartments on the counter shield and adjustable heated grips.

In the chassis it also shares almost everything with the D350, such as a pair of 15″ and 14″ wheels, a 268 mm front brake disc with a JJuan 4-piston caliper plus another 265 mm rear disc, and Bosch ABS. .

The front, with double headlights and six headlights, is very aggressive.

At the back it mounts two adjustable shock absorbers and in front a 41 mm double-crown fork, like the one on the D350 -the vast majority of scooters have a fork with only one crown-.

And now come the details that differentiate it from the D350 and that is that two full-face helmets fit under the seat, it mounts handguards and the aluminum cast handlebar is adjustable longitudinally in two positions.

With a weight of 182 kg, it is already on sale in matt black and silver colors at a launch price of 5,087 euros with the first year’s insurance included.

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